School Uniform 

We believe a school uniform is important because it:

 - Looks smart

 - Wears well

 - Contributes to a sense of belonging and community

 - Gives a common purpose

 - Makes pupils feel equal to their peers in terms of appearance

 - Fosters a feeling of pride

 - Is designed with health and safety in mind

We ask that children wear the following:

 - A white shirt or polo shirt

 - Black or grey trousers or skirt, or a red and white summer dress

 - A plain red sweatshirt, jumper or cardigan

 - Flat black shoes or trainers 

Our policy:

Ordering uniform 

Schoolwear can be purchased widely from high street stores and supermarkets and is perfectly acceptabel for school.

Branded uniform is optional and can be ordered direct from our suppliers Brigade Clothing UK and School Trends. Please allow 14 days for delivery and 21 days in peak time during the summer months.The following items can be ordered from our suppliers with the school logo:

 - Red sweatshirts

 - Red Cardigans

 - Fleece jackets

 - Waterproof coats

 - White polo shirts

 - Bookbags

 - Backpacks

 - PE/Swimming bags

Uniform can be delivered direct to home or to the school.

There is a very small stock of uniform at school for immediate need and if you wish your child to try on garments for sizing.


For PE children will need black shorts and trainers, joggers and a sweatshirt in the winter. Each child is given their first house t-shirt when they join the school after which they can be purchased from the school through Parentmail as your child grows. We place siblings in the same house so t-shirts can be passed down.

We would be grateful if you could ensure that your child does not wear the following:

 - Sports shirts (for example football or rugby tops)

 - Hoodies 

 - Shoes with heels

 - “Heelies”

 - Jewellery (except for plain studs or jewellery with religious significance). Please note earrings must be removed for PE and swimming

 - Flip-flops, beach shoes or mules

 - Make up

 - Hair extensions and hair should not be dyed. Hair accessories, such as slides, ribbons, bobbles, etc., should be simple and, if possible, in school colours

For children who come to school who are not appropriately dressed, or wearing clothing/items that we feel are a health and safety risk, parents may be asked to come and collect them and return them in more suitable clothing.

If you have any questions regarding school uniform please ask at the school office.